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Brooks’ Battalion of Foreigners: A story of desperation, mutiny, and bravery

The letter begins: Sir, During the Summer, or Fall, of 1864 when the Confederate forces had been reduced almost to an army of cripples and there were no more old men or boys from whom to get recruits, and when … Continue reading

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Not just a book review: My Diary North and South

I recently finished reading William Howard Russell’s My Diary North and South, though my edition is an older one (1954, edited by Fletcher Pratt). It was a purchase I made at a used book store not too long ago, and I … Continue reading

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Lincoln and secession, Part 3, now with L. Q. C. Lamar II

With a major hat-tip to “What Would the Founders Think?”, I wish to present the case of one Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar, Jr., as my study for the Confederate side of the Lincoln-understanding-secession series.  [I highly recommend taking a look at … Continue reading

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