This is a blog on American history written by someone who believes in American Exceptionalism and who would like to keep American ideals and values strong into the unbounded future. It is not a blog done by a professional historian or teacher, so it will not wax academic, and it will not feature lengthy quotations or citations of primary sources for everything on which it offers opinion. That doesn’t mean the truth is of second concern by any means! But, if you don’t think that someone can be intelligent enough to draw conclusions based on analysis of evidence in light of upbringing, education, much self-directed reading, a bit of research when needed, love of country, and instinct, or if you believe that solid conclusions are reserved for “closed-minded” folks who don’t agree that “everyone’s a winner”, then this is not the blog for you.  That said, one of the reasons I started this blog is to recognize the complexity of historical issues that many people seem to ignore in favor of broad simplicity, but I still think it’s possible to decide upon things while recognizing the merit of opposing arguments as well as the existence of exceptions to the rules.

So far, I have not decided to specialize or narrow my focus, but I seek to do so after I eventually get a handle on the kinds of things that compel me to actually sit down and write. I believe we must analyze the lessons of the American past so that we can better approach the future and not continually re-invent the wheel. By shedding the light of yesterday on today’s events, in hopes of a better tomorrow, I hope to inspire Americans to fight on for the Spirt of ’76, kept alive by Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry in the War of 1812: DONT GIVE UP THE SHIP.

Disclaimer: I am a volunteer at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History (SCDAH), which is work that sometimes includes writings, posts, and other contributions to websites and social media in such official capacity; in those situations, said capacity is clearly stated.  However, items appearing on or of this blog, including but not limited to opinions expressed both herein and by this blog’s author(s), whether under pseudonym or proper name, as comments and/or posts on other blogs, websites, and social media not explicitly connected to the SCDAH, are not in any way, shape, or form necessarily representative of the SCDAH, its employees, its other volunteers, the State of South Carolina, or any person or any event or any organization so affiliated.