The Statue of Commodore Perry in 1885

I came across this old newspaper article while working on the Confederate Historian papers at the SC Archives last week.  The other side of the paper has a printed roll of one of the South Carolina Volunteer Infantry units, which is why the piece was with the Historian’s papers. No, I didn’t use a flash; the images were auto-corrected for ease of reading on a computer screen.


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Brooks’ Battalion of Foreigners: A story of desperation, mutiny, and bravery

The letter begins:

Sir, During the Summer, or Fall, of 1864 when the Confederate forces had been reduced almost to an army of cripples and there were no more old men or boys from whom to get recruits, and when the Federal authorities, after having arrayed against us men from nearly every race of Europe, had armed the negroes and placed them in their ranks, the Confederate authorities conceived the idea of forming battalions from federal prisoners of war of foreign birth who would take the oath of allegiance and join our ranks.

Read the rest of this amazing find from the SC Archives on my new post at Palmetto Past.

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The S.C. Obsolete Currency Auction is on!

From my post over at Palmetto Past:

The South Carolina Department of Archives and History is auctioning, in sealed bid format, 317 lots of obsolete currency during the month of May. The Archives had 40 boxes worth of currency (now down to about 36 boxes) dating from the 1820’s through the 1860’s, all of which was issued by The Bank of the State of South Carolina; the bundles were sealed in 1880 when people redeemed the notes for state bonds, and we have recently started opening the bundles and selling many of the notes at public auction. This auction includes fractionals and whole-dollar notes of every denomination, as well as plate sets, similar note sets, and even uncut sheets, on the back of which are whole railroad bond notes. One $1 note is signed by Confederate General and SC Governor Wade Hampton, and some notes were previously unknown to the numismatic community. All of the proceeds will go to preservation efforts (storage and equipment, non-acidic document folders, etc.); it’s a great gift for the agency to have during a budget crisis.

You can check out all the auction details on our website which includes a PDF file of the entire catalog with color images of every lot being sold. Anyone planning to be in the Columbia area on May 3 and/or May 26 should stop by the SCDAH to actually see the notes live (more details in the catalog), but most bidders will likely use the catalog as their only guide.

Happy Bidding!!!

It’s May (believe it or not), so it’s on!

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SC Civil War 150th on Facebook

I am now a contributor to the SC Civil War 150th page on Facebook, as sponsored by the South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Click here or on the image in the right margin to check it out, and don’t forget to Like it!

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My Business Ethics professor sums it up

As an aside to discussing recent population shifts in America in general:

“It’s fascinating that after all this country has gone through regarding minority acceptance … we still have emphatic debates about the Civil War and whether Lincoln wanted to free the slaves or save the Union.  Northerners still say he wanted to free the slaves and Southerners still say he wanted to save the Union.  Perhaps they’re both right.”

Something to think about.

(There was no further discussion in the class.)

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